status updates

Status update (what's this?)
There was a bug here. It's gone now.

The following are status updates. They are small messages about what I've done in a certain day or maybe something I learned or even just a little quote or tidbit I hoped to share. I do them to keep track of what I do each day and to have an incentive to do something worth mentioning every day.

My aim is to have one for every day. Hahaha, not gonna happen.

There was a bug here. It's gone now.
Modified the about page a little bit and added a link to my Mastodon account.
This page is now served under jxpp.chigui.re. I attempted to completely separate my two personas, but in the end it was too much effort. So if you understand Spanish, go ahead and visit chigui.re as well! It's more for art projects and personal stuff.
Wrote a thing about the future of this website. Staying hopeful!
I'm still alive! I changed jobs and I expect to start writing again! I moved to Barcelona! I am so happy about so much stuff!
I finally wrote something, check it out!
Started a thread pool implementation in C. Working with threads is really interesting!
I implemented some hash tables following this very interesting blog post.
Over the weekend, I worked a little bit on a library of data structures and algorithms in C with a friend.
I also worked on a parser for a PDF book of medical exams that converted the questions and answers into JSON format, so the data can be more easily manipulated.
Today, I didn't make quite the progress I wanted on computer stuff. I started writing a blog post finally writing about what cachicamo is. But I didn't finish it.
I went to an interesting debate on prostitution with some friends.
Read about the book "The Theory of Communicative Action", have to read the book itself someday.
Started writing a short story.
I played a lot with VCV Rack, an open source modular synthetizer, and wrote some bass riffs.
Added status updates to the site. Worked some more on cachicamo and the ~secret project~
Continued working on cachicamo
"Premature optimization is the root of all evil" -Donald Knuth