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Going forwards

So, it's been a long time...

The idea behind this website was to chronicle my journeys in the land of computers and so far, it seems I've only been trekking through swaths of barren desert. But that changes now, I hope. Going forwards, I want to contribute more to this website and here I'm going to lay out some of the things I want to write about:

  • I got an Elektron Digitakt, a really nice sampler. System upgrades and interaction are done via sysex files. How do they work? How did the guy behind the amazing crunch/elk-herd make it? I want to do some reverse engineering and maybe do a Linux desktop version.

  • Following the music line, I'm going to buy a Pisound soon, so maybe some texts on ORAC, Pure Data, Supercollider and MIDI, as well?

  • I want to make some texts on programming paradigms. I have a lot of (dumb) opinions to share. Specially upon reading Alan Kay and his diatribes on OOP.

So these are only promises, but putting them to paper (well, actually no, but you get the idea) helps me feel more responsible about it and actually motivates me to write.

Hope to see you soon!

Love you,