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There was a bug here. It's gone now.

Who are you?

I'm a happy little person that dedicates their life to computers and all the amazing things we can do with them.

I'm a GNU/Linux aficionado and a big defender of libre/free software.

I mainly program in Python, I use it both for work and personal projects, although so far my favourite language is C. I'm also trying to get into functional languages lately and have been toying around with Haskell and Racket.

My younger years were spent programming game engines (only to scrap them later) and small experimental video games. This is something I'd really like to pick up again.

Professionally, my main fields of interest are systems administration, networking, infrastructure and everything that has to do with making complex systems easy to handle.

I also have a lot of other interests! Among them are: generative/algorithmic art, procedural generation, noise music, synthesizers, performance art, theatre, avant-garde fashion, and so much more!

What is this page?

This is my more "professional" website. Everything I post here is programming/technology related in some way. It's written in English to reach a bigger audience, unlike my personal website, which is more... well, personal.

It's a small personal space for me to post everything I feel like showing to the world. There's a bunch of pages you can check in the header, which include some links to my social media, and there's a blog, a project index and a collection of cool stuff from all over the web.

This page is a work in progress, and it will always be! Come check it out every once in a while and most likely there will be something new waiting for you.

Why make this page?

Although it may come as a surprise to everyone who knows me irl, i'm a very insecure person. The main idea with this page is to share myself and my art and everything I know and lose the fear of getting people to know me.

I was also inspired by these amazing sites:

Can I contact you?

Of course! My email is jxppporfi bot no spam@chiguno seas maloi.re.

I highly prefer encrypted mail, so here's my public key.

You can add it to gpg with:

gpg --fetch https://jxpp.chigui.re/pubkey

It would make my day to get something from you!